We are taking Covid-19 Very Seriously- Synik Clothing

We are taking Covid-19 Very Seriously- Synik Clothing

These are very challenging and stressful times.  We are taking ALL preventive measures to keep our staff  & customers safe.

Business Protocols we are following carefully- As per Alberta Health standards & requests:

- Essential Workers/Essential Safety Equipment and Apparel are offered in-store and we ship to remote locations- Petroleum, Natural and propane gas, Electricity industry, Transportation & Safety

- 3-Ply masks available for Essential works as well as Fire Retardant apparel, Oil Field, Safety Certified glasses, Hi-Vis safety Apparel etc

- Limited to 10 people max in the store at one time (Less if we feel it is potentially congested)

- Safe approved Hand sanitizer station each person- including us- use each time entering the store

- Masks welcome and offered free of charge to anyone who requests one

- Door handles, change rooms, pin pads and all other potential areas ARE sanitized EVERY TIME

- Social Distancing signs posted and respectfully requested with each person in the store

- Products worn or tried on are quarantined

- Plexiglas has been installed to separate Customers and Staff at the Checkout

- Shortened C-19 Business Hours

- Limited touching of products as staff help customers search and get products down

- Neck gators & masks for sale

- No people with a cough or sickness including staff are respectfully asked not to enter.


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